Marriage Counseling


Marriage is perhaps the most significant commitment one will make during their lifetime. It is both an emotional bond and a business partnership. Moreover, it is a pledge that connects the couple morally and legally.

When this connection is threatened by the stress of anger, frustration, and resentment, it poses a challenge to the relationship. During these troubling times, serious doubts can be formed. Issues such as poor communication, conflict, and lack of trust can place the union in jeopardy.


Here at Counseling Solutions, we use a three step approach to marital reconciliation. First of all, is the assessment and evaluation phase. In the initial session, the couple works with the therapist to explore the issues and identify the stressers that are problematic for the marriage and to develop a plan with specific strategies to address each problem and resolve the issues.

The next step in the process is skill building. This portion of the process involves training and educating the participants. Tools that will prepare the couple to independently resolve the issues in the areas that are problematic are explained.

The final stage of the process is consolidation. The couple uses the skills learned in the second phase and applies them to the issues identified in stage one to achieve resolution.

Estimated length of time: 8-12 Sessions

Fee: Initial Appointment Only $100.00

Follow up appointments: $50.00

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