Premarital Counseling


Marriage is a very big step for everyone that chooses to make that decision. Couples that are preparing to share a life together do not come by that commitment lightly.

Professional pre-marital counseling is a proven part of establishing a firm foundation upon which a couple can build a healthy relationship. Research has demonstrated that couples that seek professional pre marital counseling stay married at a higher rate than those who do not.

Marriage is both an emotional bond and a business partnership. Most of the issues that stress the marriage were present before the nuptials and out of the couples awareness. Most of the problems which lead to divorce lie in how the business partnership is arranged. Professional pre marital counseling in addition to spiritual pre marital counseling, is designed to help the couple identify these stumbling blocks ahead of time and remove them as challenges.

Estimated duration: 4-6 sessions

Fee: Only $100.00 initial appointment

$50.00 Follow up appointments

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