Relationship Counseling

Romantic relationships are an essential part of our adult lives. The intimacy, companionship, love and support that they provide are valuable resources for us in times of need. We are all interdependent. This means we will need others in our lives. We will also be needed by others from time to time as well.
Unfortunately, sometimes things can happen. Problems with communication can slowly develop. This can give rise to conflict and an inability to resolve these issues when they arise. Other issues involving things such as social media, secrets, cell phones and cheating can destroy what has been built. We begin to feel anger, frustration and resentment. We see ourselves as disrespected and unappreciated.
Can the trust be restored? Is it possible for our significant others to change and redeem themselves? Will we be able to improve our communication, resolve our conflicts, and reclaim our level of intimacy? The answer to all of these questions is YES!!!! Counseling can help and I have over twenty years of experiencing working with couples like you.


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